Patent Partnerships

Many inventors and companies possess valuable patents with largely unrealized potential.  

Holding such patents requires a substantial cost over time and unless they are used for active defensive purposes in cross-licensing negotiations or to prevent competitors from infringement, they are not generating any positive financial contribution.  A partnership with WiLAN will address this.  Inactive patents (or patents that are adding marginal value) can be transferred to a WiLAN subsidiary and any monetization from such transferred patents can generate revenues to be shared with partner, thereby transforming idle patents from a cost driver into a profit center. Essentially, by transferring a patent portfolio to WiLAN, the costs of maintaining such patents can be assumed by WiLAN while at the same time WiLAN establishes a revenue stream resulting from monetization activities, which in turn, will provide cash returns to the partner. The result is a positive contribution to a company’s EBITDA and/or an inventor’s cash flow.

Why partner with WiLAN?


WiLAN has been the chosen partner to many fortune 500 companies. WiLAN has signed over 50 such partnerships including agreements with corporations such as Panasonic, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Western Digital, Infineon, MediaTek, and ROHM. In several cases, WiLAN has concluded multiple consecutive partnership agreements with those partners. These partnerships have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing revenue.


Here are just a few of the key differentiating attributes that make WiLAN the ideal licensing partner:

  • In-depth technical, legal, and business knowledge;
  • Proven track record of closing numerous large, medium and small license agreements, patent acquisitions/partnerships as well as divestments;
  • Reasonable and business-oriented approach to monetization activities and fair partnership structures; 
  • Prepared to litigate extensively if necessary;
  • Creative and collaborative partner relationships built on frequent communications and trust;
  • Financial wherewithal to undertake substantial licensing programs, including the ability to maintain patents, investigate infringement and litigate when necessary;
  • Experience in dealing with companies on a global scale as well as enforcing patents in diverse jurisdictions including North America, Asia and Europe;
  • Active in technology development of its own and open to partnering in areas of joint technology development.


Under a typical partnership structure, potential partners provide WiLAN with access to their entire or selected portions of their patent portfolios and details regarding any known use and current license agreements.  WiLAN assesses the offered patents and selects all or a subset of the patents for transfer that can form the basis of a monetization program.  WiLAN also proposes a financial arrangement that is fair, balanced and provides an attractive outcome for all parties.

WiLAN also acquires patents outright, usually in very select areas of interest. Potential acquisitions are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team on a case-by-case basis. For consideration, WiLAN requires a full patent list and details regarding any known use and current license agreements. Please contact us if you are considering divesting patents.