Patent Portfolio

WiLAN is the owner of a large group of portfolios that cover a wide range of technology verticals including, but not limited to, semiconductor memory, microprocessors, semiconductor foundry or processing services, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and automotive.

Patents and applications related to wireless telecommunications technologies.

Patents and applications relating to memory interface technologies used in application processors, graphics processors as well as other types of microprocessors.

Patents and applications relating to Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), NAND Flash , Memory Card and Solid State Drive.

Patents and pending applications relating to a variety of technologies including power management ICs, RF ICs, NFC, MPU, MCU, AP, GPU and Codec.

Patents and pending applications relating to semiconductor chip manufacturing and packaging processes.

Portfolio of patents related to wired connectivity including various USB-C technologies used in a wide range of applications such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.