Technology Development

At WiLAN we pride ourselves in technology development.  

The Company has a rich history of future-looking technology, from the OFDM technology, on which the company was founded, to 5G over satellite.  Founded by professors and led by our CTO, technology development at WiLAN continues a tradition of working with academia to identify and solve real-world technology challenges.  

Contributing with our own technology, or working with technology partners to add our own contributions to the state of the art, is an important way for WiLAN to participate in the advancement of technology in our chosen areas of focus.  Not only enforcing and licensing intellectual property but also creating intellectual property to contribute to our chosen industries is yet another key differentiator between WiLAN and other licensing companies.  

Wi-LAN continues to perform internal technology developments.  In the tradition of our origins as a wireless communications company, much of our research is related to communications or applying communications concepts to other fields.

Our current efforts include:

  • Improved transport of video and other data over 5g satellite
  • Coordinated charging of satellites and satellite sub-payloads
  • Coordinated charging of IoT devices
  • Blockchain

Our earlier work has included:

  • Improving the transport of over-the-top (OTT) video over broadband wireless
  • Smart Grid
  • Intelligent Geo-Fencing
  • Applying scheduling algorithms to data centers
  • V2V communications
  • LTE Uplink interference resolution
  • Advanced wireless physical layers
  • Sensing for reuse of TV channels

Funded External R&D

Wi-LAN funds external R&D related to our areas of interest.  This is primarily collaboration between Wi-LAN and academia to jointly develop future looking technologies.

Our current efforts include:

  • Evolving cryptography algorithms
  • Measuring the quality of encryption algorithms and random number generators
  • Ensuring encryption in a device has not been spoofed
  • On-chip duplexers and filters to enable FDD massive MIMO communication in mmWave and THz bands
  • Modulators for 6G
  • True random number generators

Technology Transfer

On a very selective basis, Wi-LAN collaborates with universities to help them bring technology to market.  We can act as an extension of the universities’ tech transfer offices, finding partners to commercialize their technologies.


Technology Co-Development and Licensing

Wi-LAN is looking for technology partner companies to co-develop technology in key areas of focus, help bring technologies to market and develop new, future-looking technologies.  If interested in such activities, please contact WiLAN CTO’s Office at: