IP Portfolio

Monetize your IP

Organizations that want to retain ownership of their patents can partner with WiLAN’s subsidiary Gladios IP and leverage our resources, knowledge and expertise to monetize their intellectual property (IP).

Through partnerships supported by solid financial backing, Gladios IP undertakes the complex and multi-disciplinary process of developing tailored licensing programs at no cost to clients.

We are interested to learn more about your technology. To start the conversation, visit the Gladios website at www.gladiosip.com or contact us at info@gladiosip.com. In your email, let us know:

  1. Your contact information: name, company name, email address and phone number;
  2. A list of your patents and applications that you believe to be infringed and the markets you believe they are applicable to; and
  3. The companies you believe to be infringing your intellectual property.

Please note that we will not accept information that is considered or marked as confidential or proprietary. When we have completed a preliminary review and determined an interest in advancing discussions, we will contact you and make arrangements for a non-disclosure agreement.