Why Invest?

Why Invest in WiLAN?

The following highlights some of the key aspects that we believe make WiLAN an investment worth considering. Interested investors can learn more about WiLAN by exploring our website.

High-Margin Business Model

WiLAN’s business model can generate high margins. Even with investment in litigation, which is sometimes necessary, WiLAN’s operations can generate significant cash flow. Once a license agreement is signed, the costs associated with collecting revenue from that agreement are minimal. In addition, business expenses are predominantly associated with identifying and securing future revenue streams.

Solid Track Record of Revenue Growth

Since focusing its business on generating annual revenue from licensing intellectual property in 2006, WiLAN has increased revenue from under $2 million to more than $98 million in 2014. That works out to a compound annual growth rate of greater than 60%.

Robust Growth Strategy

WiLAN’s strategy is to continue to grow revenues. Growth is expected to come from our existing licensing programs, new licensing programs and from licensing partnerships.

Strong Financial Position

With significant cash balance, no significant long-term debt and hundreds of millions of dollars in potential future revenues in backlog, WiLAN enjoys a very strong financial position.

Income & Growth

Since declaring its first dividend in June 2009, WiLAN has more than tripled its annual eligible dividend to CDN $0.21 per share (CDN $0.0525 per share per quarter). Our Board of Directors will consider future increases to the dividend as revenue and profits increase.