Insider Ownership

Below is a summary of the current direct and indirect ownership position of WiLAN insiders.  The summary is provided to assist interested individuals in determining the level of ownership that WiLAN insiders have in the company.

Insider Total Shares Held
Bramson, Robert 12,000
Fattouche, Michel  2,232,264
Gillberry, John  75,000 
Jenkins, William  53,000 
McCarten, Paul  30,000
McEwan, Michael Shaun  66,000 
Roche, Jim  10,000
Shorkey, Richard  15,601
Skippen, James  600,200
Vladescu, Michael 65,400 
Watchmaker, Prashant  48,100
A summary of recent transactions that have changed the share ownership position of insiders is provided below.  Detailed information on individual transactions is provided on the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI) at:

Insider Date Transaction Number of Shares Total Shares Held
Vladescu, Michael  11-14-2014 Share Purchase 1,300 65,400
Bramson, Robert 06-06-2014 Share Purchase 2,200 12,000
Jenkins, William 06-06-2014 Share Purchase 5,000 53,000
McEwan, Michael Shaun  06-03-2014 Share Purchase 7,500 66,000 
Skippen, James 06-03-2014 Share Purchase 10,000  600,200