IP Portfolio


When acquiring patents, our teams looks for technologies that will enhance current and next-generation products in diverse industries. Our aim is to offer licensees access to a wide range of innovations to incorporate into their current and future products.

Selling their patented inventions for cash consideration can be attractive to some inventors and companies.

Our process for evaluating intellectual property (IP) begins with patent owners providing us with basic information about their patents and the potential for licensing them.

We are interested to learn more about your technology. If you have patents that you believe can be better utilized to generate income, please contact us to find out if selling your patents is the best option for you. To start the conversation, contact us at acquisitions@wilan.com. In your email, let us know:

  1. Your contact information: name, company name, email address and phone number;
  2. A list of your patents and applications and the markets you believe they are applicable to; and
  3. If there are particular patents you want to highlight and why.

We ask that you submit only information that is not confidential. Until we sign an appropriate non-disclosure agreement (NDA) we are not bound by any confidentiality considerations. When we have completed a preliminary review and determined an interest in advancing discussions, we will contact you and make arrangements for an NDA.