What We Do Now

WiLAN develops and commercializes innovative patented technologies, manages intellectual property and licenses these inventions to corporations.

Intellectual Property has been highly valued in America since the creation of the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers of the United States believed it to be of such importance that the intellectual property clause was included in the first Article of the Constitution. Their desire was to create an environment that was supportive of innovation through the establishment of property rights.  The first U.S. Patent Act demonstrates a desire to create a system that rewards inventors in order to stimulate inventive activity and thereby foster economic growth.


A continuous cycle of innovation and the commercialization of innovative technology drives the creation of markets, products, services and, ultimately, economic value. The commercialization of technology has helped establish a large and growing market for licensing patented inventions to the companies that design, manufacture or sell products and services that use these inventions.  


WiLAN plays an important role in the intellectual property market.  Through our wholly owned subsidiary, WiLAN Labs, WiLAN develops and patents innovative technologies related to 4G broadband wireless networks. These solutions optimize the deployment of mobile networks at a time when demand for bandwidth-intensive multimedia data traffic is growing exponentially.  


In addition, WiLAN manages the intellectual property of third party inventors to ensure they receive fair compensation for their investment in research and development. By enabling patent owners to sell or license patented intellectual property, WiLAN helps provide a financial incentive for inventors to invest in the development of new technologies.


Through internal R&D, acquisitions and partnerships, WiLAN delivers compensation for innovation, assisting the underlying objectives of the patent system.